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Happy Little Flame 4 oz Monster & Fairy Room Sprays

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MONSTER MIST: Scare away those pesky closet monsters and spooky bedtime creatures with this calming all-natural mist. Lavender & Roman Chamomile essential oils help ease anxiety and lull your little ones to sleep.

FAIRY DUST: A spritz or two of this all-natural magical spray can help get those late sleepers out of bed and ready to take on the day! Orange & Tangerine essential oils energize, promote alertness, and work as a great mood-booster!

100% natural room & linen spray
Net weight: 2.25oz.

Ingredients: spring water, witch hazel, and the following 100% all-natural essential oils:
This product is 100% all-natural and contains no additives or synthetic ingredients.
Made in United States of America

We have a 14-Day Return Policy.
We have a 14-Day Return Policy.
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