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Candy Club Yummy Treats!!

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Candy Club Treats -- the newest and yummiest candy at LTB! Great for an add on or as a gift!! 

8 oz Candy Club Containers:
Nutty Caramel Clusters: Milk chocolate roasted peanut clusters gushing with a layer of decadent caramel.

Celebration Brownie Bites: Indulge in morsels of sweet vanilla frosting speckled with rainbow confetti with a decadent brownie core.

Cupcake Bites: A mini version of vanilla cupcakes, these rainbow dotted morsels are just about as cute as a candy can get! They’re also yummy, with a sweet birthday cake flavor and subtly chewy texture. 

Blossom Bits: A sweet arrangement of blossoming flower gummies in fun, fruity flavors is a 2-in-1 treat that is destined to please. A unique candy bouquet that you're sure to love! Eat these blossoms whole or one petal at a time! 

Cotton Candy Sour Belts: No need to go to the carnival for cotton candy. You can get that same sweet and fluffy taste in a sour belt! Delicious cotton candy flavor with a fun sour kick!

Gimme S'Mores: With notes of marshmallow, graham, and rich milk chocolate, these little morsels pack all of the sweet, toasty, delight of the classic campfire treat into snackable bite-sized form!

Rainbow Twistettes: Twisted in red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple stripes, and filled with a pleasantly tart sour center... this unique treat puts a wild spin on traditional licorice!

Gummy Butterflies: Don't let these pretty candies flutter by! Filled with bold fruit flavor, these baby gummies taste as delightful as they look!

Triple-Dipped Malt Balls: Not one, not two, but three sumptuous layers of creamy milk chocolate envelop crunchy malted milk balls to create these distinctively toothsome treats.

Gummy Dinos: So delicious, they'll make (pre)history, these yummy gummies feature five fruit flavors in four dino varieties: stegosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops, and T-Rex.

Blush Bears: These precious little bears are made even sweeter with their wholesome non-GMO ingredients! Their naturally-colored grape, cherry, and watermelon flavors make a delightful display. 

Peach Hearts: These juicy, sugar-coated, soft and chewy hearts are sure to delight your senses with every aromatic and tart peach flavored bite!


13 oz. Candy Club Containers:
Cookies 'N Cream Bites: Have your milk and cookies, too in these fanciful bite-sized delights, made with a taste of cream and flecked with crunchy cocoa cookie bits.

Rainbow Blox: Tangy-sweet and toothsome, these unique rainbow bites get a boost of flavor and texture from their deliciously unique cream filling.


Gift Packs - Three 8oz containers in a cute gift box!
Let's Party: It's party time! Bring on the fun festivities with this array of sour, sweet, and indulgent treats. A perfect gift for celebrations, intimate gatherings, or just because! Set includes: Strawberry Sour Belts, Cookies N Cream Bites, and Rainbow Wheels.

Sour Birthday Treats: Our best selling gift set and the perfect birthday gift! Set includes - Lemonade Straws, Blue Razz Sour Belts, and Strawberry Sour Belts!


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We have a 7-Day Return Policy.
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